Coronavirus cases rise to 1,292 in Romania, biggest spike in new infections in one day

The number of coronavirus cases in Romania jumped to 1,292 on Friday with a record 263 cases registered since the last count the previous day.

The Strategic Communication Group announced that 24 people had died since the virus outbreak.

All the patients who died from the effects of the virus had underlying health conditions, such as heart problems, diabetes or obesity, authorities said. Most were over 60.

There are currently 24 people in intensive care who are in a serious condition.

The youngest new patient was less than a year old, and the oldest, 94. A total of 115 people have recovered since the outbreak began several weeks ago.

Eleven Romanians in Italy, France and Britain have died after contracting the virus, according to the latest figures.

A total of 7,219 are in institutionalized quarantine, while 124, 320 are in self-isolation at home.

About 17,500 tests have been carried out so far, the latest figures show.


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