Covid rate climbs to 1.1 in Bucharest, as cases exceed 6,000 in Romania

The Covid-19 rate rose to 1.14 in the Romanian capital, the first time it has exceeded one per 1,000 residents in weeks.

It reached 1.14 for a 1,000 people, up from 1 the previous day, the Public Health Department said, Agerpres reported.

Covid cases shot up n Thursday to 6,018, a fifth more than the previous day. There were 44 deaths.

The incidence rate is measured over a 14-day rolling period.

The record rate for Covid infections in Bucharest was in October, the darkest month for cases and deaths.

The capital recorded a rate of 16,54 cases per 1,000 on October 22.

There were more deaths recorded in Romania in October 2021 than any other single month apart from wartime.

In Romania, Covid-19 cases shoot up to 3,900, 52 deaths


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