UPDATE. Dead but not forgotten. Politician who died of Covid-19 elected mayor in Romania. Win celebrated in the cemetery

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They say love is stronger than death. Such is the case with one Romanian politician who was elected as mayor even after he’d died.

Ion Aliman, a former cruise ship captain, was running for a third term as mayor of the southern Romanian town of Deveselu.

The 57-year-old of the opposition Social Democrat Party was the favorite to win the post of the town of 3,200, best known for hosting a giant NATO missile defense system.

Unfortunately, he tested positive for the novel coronavirus in early September and was hospitalized at the regional hospital in nearby Caracal,  gazetanoua.ro reported.

His condition deteriorated and he was transferred to the capital to another hospital. About a week ago, he succumbed to the virus.

But his death did not deter his supporters. He won 1,020 votes out of a possible 1,700 votes cast in Sunday elections.

After his victory, his fans headed to the cemetery to celebrate.

A video was posted on Facebook of his fan base celebrating in the town cemetery.

„You will be proud of us. I know that where you are now, you are watching over us. May you rest in peace,” one man says, followed by applause.

Local election bureau in Olt county said Mr Aliman’s name remained on the list as it was printed prior to his death.

Two other candidates ran. Election officials say there will be another election. Deputy mayor, also a Social Democrat, will stand in the ballot.

Mr Aliman was first elected mayor in 2012 after a 30-year career as a captain of a cruise ship. He won re-election in 2016


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