‘Don’t dump lambskins,’ environment minister urges authorities to recycle waste ahead of Easter

Foto: Inquam Photos / Octav Ganea

Romania’s environment minister says he is concerned about the pollution from tons of wool and lambskins dumped by farmers in the spring.

Minister Tanczos Barna made an appeal to local authorities on Friday to collect raw wool and lamb hides discarded by sheep farmers and not let the fleeces rot in the fields.

Speaking in the village of Madaras in rural Transylvania where many ethnic Hungarians live, the minister said the hides and fleeces should be recycled or neutralized.

Non-marketed raw wool which isn’t a source of income for sheep farmers can turn into problematic waste, if it isn’t burned or landfilled.

“The Easter holidays are upon us,” Mr Barna said. “Thousands of tons of wool and lamb hides are just left in the countryside every year because we don’t have a recycling industry to process them. “

He took part in „the Great Cleanup” in the farming village where authorities collected tons of wool and plan to pick up discarded hides before Easter which ethnic Hungarians  celebrate on April 4.

In the event whether there aren’t any companies to process lambskins or wool, they can be incinerated at an authorized place and they’ll be neutralized,” he was quoted as saying by Agerpres.

Many village put on a “Great Cleanup” in the area together with garbage collection companies collect large quantities of waste and put them in landfills. Some of the waste is recycled, collected and used again.”

“The economy feeds the circular economy,” he said.

“I appeal to authorities is to take this role of being a catalyst seriously and to set a good example to change mentalities so fields, rivers and ditches are no longer full of waste.”


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