Fake news alert. Romania’s defense ministry debunks claims that American military convoy is headed to Ukraine

Romania’s defense ministry has debunked disinformation regarding an American convoy that was allegedly headed to Ukraine, an attempt to raise public fears about Romania’s involvement in the war in neighboring Ukraine.

The news appeared on several online platforms purportedly showing an American military convoy heading towards Ukraine. The convoy was actually heading for the Babadag shooting range in eastern Romania, News.ro reported.

The ministry’s Inforadar platform tasked with countering misinformation announced: “We draw your attention to a false news article which has been published on various online platforms in Romania and abroad, claiming that an a convoy of American military vehicles is on its way to Ukraine.  The disinformation is based on a film of U.S. Army vehicles. They are part of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment at the Mihail Kogalniceanu base at the beginning of this year.”

„On Wednesday 27 April, these American vehicles, which were accompanied by Romanian military police in line with national procedures were traveling to the Babadag shooting range to take part in some scheduled shooting exercises with allies,” a statement on Thursday said.

The ministry said that a number of foreign troops were currently stationed in Romania to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank after Russia launched its invasion of Romania in late February.

There are troops from  Belgium, France, Italy,  Britain and  Portugal deployed to Romania. “These can be observed frequently between bases and joint training facilities,” the statement added.

The 2nd Cavalry Regiment arrived at the Mihail Kogalniceanu in mid-February to reinforce NATO’s defenses on its eastern front.

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