Flights to resume to the UK from Romania after 14-day ban over new strain of coronavirus

Sursa: Pixabay

Flights from Romania to and from the UK will resume on Monday after they were suspended before Christmas  after the discovery of the mutant ‘super-Covid’ strain there that is 70% more infectious.

Arrivals from Britain will need to quarantine for a fortnight when they enter Romania as they do from dozens of other countries with high numbers of coronavirus cases.

Thousands of Romanians scrambled to change their flights tickets to escape Britain after the government there imposed the toughest restrictions ever there in late December after the appearance of the new strain.

Romania’s National Committee for Emergency Situations suspended flights on Dec. 21 for a fortnight to Britain in line with other countries including  Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria.

However, Romania national airline Tarom which had allowed a few flights despite the ban, mainly to repatriate Britons, said it wouldn’t fly to Britain on Monday. Passengers booked to fly on Jan. 4 will be rescheduled for flights on Tuesday, the airline said.

In a related development, authorities said that anyone arriving from the UK and Northern Ireland has to spend a fortnight in quarantine from Jan. 4, regardless or not whether they have a negative Covid test.

The emergency situations committee updated its list of countries with a high epidemiological risk. Travelers from 43   countries need to quarantine upon arrival in Romania.

The countries include the U.S., Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Austria and Cyprus.


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