‘Missing’ baby found safe in Romania


When police officers were alerted last week about the case of a missing baby, they began a massive search in the area.

Frantic parents told police that the one-year-old boy had been abducted while he was out with his siblings.

The siblings, aged 5 to 7, told their worried parents that their baby brother had been abducted by someone driving a green car. They claimed he had been put in the trunk and the motorist had driven off in an unknown direction.

The last place the little boy was seen was near a sheep pen near the village of Petrestii de Jos in the northwest county of Cluj, Adevarul reported.

Police swarmed the area and interviewed local residents.

Fortunately, with the help of a tracking dog, the infant was found several hours later by police officers from the Turda Criminal Investigation Service.

Police returned the baby to the family and continued their line of inquiry.

It turned out that the little boy’s brothers had fabricated his abduction to avoid getting into trouble.

„His brothers had a moment of inattention and were unable to find him. Fearing they would be told off and bear the consequences, they made up the story about him being kidnapped,” police said. “Their parents called the emergency number.”

„This time, the story had a happy ending….. but failing to supervise children can have serious consequences,” police said in a statement.

In 2019_ the last available year for statistics_ there were more than 2,800 cases of missing children. The figure includes youngsters that went missing several times. The majority of cases were resolved.

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