More than 1,000 tons of waste illegally shipped to Romanian Black Sea port

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Romanian authorities have impounded more than 1,000 tons of waste that was shipped from Germany and arrived in the Black Sea port of Constanta, border police said.

Border police identified 30 containers of waste from on Wednesday through to Thursday which was due to be shipped to a company in the southern county of Prahova.

Border  police found rubber, papers, textiles, batteries and asbestos weighing about 600 tons that didn’t match what the shipping documents said.

The Environmental Guard impounded it  and sent it back to Germany.

The shipping company will be investigated for making false statements.

On Monday, Romanian authorities impounded another 15 containers which also arrived on Constanta and were stuffed with sacks of illegal waste.

The waste which weighed 300 tons and came from a company in Germany. It was meant to be shipped to a company in the southern county of Prahova.

The Black Sea port  is increasingly becoming an entry point for illegal waste from European countries which are offloading garbage in the East European country.

Last week, more than a ton of illegal waste that was falsely labeled as used car parts arrived in Constanta from Norway.  

That was at least the third shipment of toxic waste to arrive in the port in eastern Romania in recent weeks.

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