Romanian authorities impound 300 tons of waste at Black Sea port

Foto: Garda de Coastă

Romanian authorities said Monday they have impounded 15 containers which was stuffed with sacks of illegal waste at the  Black Sea port of Constanţa.

The waste weighed 300 tons and came from a company in Germany. It was be shipped to a company in the southern county of Prahova.

The Environmental Guard did not allow the waste to enter Romania.

The Black Sea port  is increasingly becoming an entry point for illegal waste from European countries which are offloading garbage in the East European country.

The Romanian Coast Guard said the latest shipment arrived on May 7. Border police worked with the local Environmental Guard and customs officials in the case.

„Following checks, it  was established that the information in documents that were submitted to the customs authority did not correspond to the (actual) goods,” a statement said.

Officials found metal, paper, textiles, rubber, wood, batteries and chunks of asbestos.

“This cannot freely enter Romania,” it added.

Border guards are continuing investigations together with prosecutors from the  Constanta Court of Appeal.

They are probing false statements and non-compliance with EU waste rules. The waster will be returned to the sender.

Last week, more than a ton of illegal waste that was falsely labeled as used car parts arrived in the Romanian port of Constanta from Norway, authorities said Thursday.

That was at least the third shipment of toxic waste to arrive in the port in eastern Romania in recent weeks. .


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