More than 1,600 necklaces, bracelets, rings to be auctioned in Bucharest. Family jewels were confiscated to pay off debts

They were once the family jewels. But now, precious gems and gold necklaces weighing more than five kilograms will go under the hammer in an online auction in Bucharest on January 28.

The 1,672 rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants are part of “an impressive family collection” that was confiscated by authorities to pay off unpaid debts.

There were no details available about why and in what circumstances the collection was expropriated.

As such, the jewelry is being sold relatively cheaply by the Artmark auction house.

The entire lot which weighs 5.5 kilograms (about 11 pounds) has a starting price of 8,500 euros.

There are 925 pieces of silver jewelry, 65 pieces of 14K gold jewelry and six pieces of 18K gold jewelry.

The rest are unmounted stones and costume jewelry.

Artmark posted several images of the ‘loot’ on its site which was verified and valued by the National Consumer Protection Agency in November 2020. has listed the most interesting items:

*Eight diamonds of varying colors which have a total weight of 0.89 grams and are in small boxes.

* 36 yellow and white gold rings, of which 21 are wedding rings with no stones, while 15 have diamonds and rubies and have a combined weight of 188.2 grams.

*26 gold rings with diamonds which weigh 88.7 grams.

*A number of necklaces with precious stones.

*Gold earrings.

*Hundreds of necklaces, pendants, tie pins and earrings, some encrusted with precious stones.

The jewelry is on display and can be viewed before the online auction. The evaluators’ report is available for would-be buyers.


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