My Lips Lie. Russian ‘plastic surgeon’ who ‘botched dozens of operations ’ in Romania investigated for posing as medic

She advertised her business as “Russian Lips_by Dr.Lana,” but it looks like she was lying about her medical credentials.

Svetlana Serghei, from the former Soviet republic of Moldova, claimed to be a medic and carried out dozens of plastic surgery procedures on women in the Romanian capital is under investigation for fraud after she was reported for allegedly botching various procedures.

Ms Serghei who went by the name Doctor Lana on Facebook had no right to practice in Romania and it’s unclear whether she had any medical qualifications, police said.

She presented herself as a doctor and rented space where she carried out various cosmetic enhancement procedures, such as lip augmentation, rhinoplasty and facelifts.

But  Ciprian Romanescu, the spokesman for Bucharest police said the ‘Russian Lips’ boss had “a criminal case and is being investigated for fraud and illegally carrying out a profession.”

On Thursday, she was taken into custody for questioning.

Her Facebook page shows the so-called medic carrying out a number of procedures with before and after pictures.

However, police say she embellished her results, after 50 women complained and set up a Facebook page, where they vented about botched procedures.

Following a similar case involving an Italian man who fraudulently posed as a plastic surgeon, specialists have warned people seeking cosmetic surgery to check out a doctor’s credentials.

Dr. Alexandru Varga, a plastic surgeon told Digi 24. “Apart from death, there can be all kinds of complications from plastic surgery. Partial necrosis (tissue death), hematoma which can’t be controlled, and impostors who have no control over the substances they are injecting.”

In March 2019, Matteo Politi was arrested as he tried to flee Romania after he carried out plastic surgery without a license. He is on trial for fraud.


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