One man and his dog. Austrian finishes 1,300 kilometer walk to raise money for dog shelter in Transylvania

Sandor Buz, Marion Locker, CEO of Robin Hood dog ngo
Sandor Buz, Marion Locker, CEO of Robin Hood dog ngo

Animal lover Sandor Buz has completed a 1,300 kilometer walk from his home in Lower Austria to a dog shelter in Transylvania.

The purpose of the two and a half month walk was to raise money for the shelter which looks after stray dogs in the town of Reghin in northwest Romania.


On Friday, Mr Buz, who’s originally from the area, announced he had raised 40,000 lei, which is more than 8,000 euros.

The money will pay for neutering the dogs, and refurbishment and repair work on the shelter.

“Thanks to all donors! Thank you to everyone who made it possible” he wrote on Facebook.


The pair were greeted on Friday by local residents, media and Reghin mayor Mark Endre who thanked him for his efforts.

Dutch journalist Janneke Vos congratulated him on Thursday at the end of his walk

„New heroes make us so intensely happy!” she wrote.

The Austrian roof tiler was inspired to do the walk after he visited the shelter last year and fell in love with a dog there.

Stray dogs

He adopted Gyango from the Robin Hood shelter and took him to his home in the picturesque town of Hostetten.

Impressed by the work done by the people at Robin Hood who run two animal shelters that he wanted to raise money and draw attention to the plight of the dogs.

Sandor Buz also wanted to raise awareness about the plight of stray dogs.


He started his trek in early April which took him from his home in Austria, through Hungary and then into Romania.

He and Gyango hiked through mountains, forests and cities in snow, rain, spring sunshine and in recently, warm summer days.

He mostly lived off what people gave him. He slept rough for most of the journey_ to live like a stray.

Animal shelters

The pair did the hike in 20 to 30-kilometer stages, according to walking4ranimals.

There are currently about 300 dogs living in the animal shelters which is supported by the Robin Hood animal welfare charity.

It was founded 15 years ago by Lidia Maier, 86, who locals call „the Mother Teresa of stray dogs.”

You can donate to the cause  here. 

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