Romania closes borders to foreign citizens, malls, dentists closed, people’s daily movements restricted in fight against the novel coronavirus

Foto: Inquam Photos/ Octav Ganea

Romania will close its borders to most foreigners, shut malls and restrict the movement of people starting Sunday evening to limit the spread of the coronavirus, the interior minister said.

Marcel Vela said late Saturday that foreign citizens, with some exceptions such as when they are related to Romanians, they are diplomatic staff or have residence permits, will not be allowed to enter the country as part of exceptional measures to contain the novel coronavirus which has sickened 367 people in Romania.

Vela announced that malls, and other shopping centers would be closed, starting Sunday evening. Groups larger than three are banned in public, except if they are members of the same household as part of the emergency measures. Dentists are closed, except for emergency treatment.

The measures are similar to those taken in other European counties, where the killer virus has sickened hundreds of thousands, and killed thousands.

Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis decreed a state of emergency on Monday to help authorities fight the spread of the coronavirus. Schools, restaurants and clubs have been closed, and mass gatherings banned.

Under the new military rules which come into force on Sunday evening, supermarkets, hypermarkets, small shops, and pharmacies will  remain open.

People are urged to stay at home and only leave the house from 6 am to 10 pm if they need to go to work, buy food or other necessities of require immediate medical help. From 10 pm to 6am, people need to carry a form with with them, either from an employer or personally signed, justifying why they are outside.

People are allowed to walk dogs or do physical activity such as going for a walk or jog. Gyms are closed.

Church services are suspended, except for private services such as baptisms, funerals and weddings where no more than eight people can attend.


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