Romanian border guards impound ‘illegal’ scrap metal from Bulgaria en route to Scotland

Foto: INQUAM / George Călin

Customs officials have impounded more than 20 tons of scrap metal en route to companies in Scotland.

Officials stopped a truck late Sunday at the Bulgarian-Romanian border as the papers did not meet the conditions for the shipment to enter Romania, national news agency Agerpres reported.

„Last night, border guards at the Giurgiu Border Crossing  (in Romania)stopped a vehicle driven by a 57-year-old Ukrainian citizen. The documents presented showed that the driver was transporting scrap metal from Bulgaria to Scotland. There are suspicions about the legality of this shipment and border guards have requested help from the  Giurgiu Environmental Guard,’ a press release on Monday said.

Border guards discovered a total of  20.42 tons of scrap metal in the truck. They checked the papers which did not meet the necessary conditions to enter Romania.

The waste has been sent back to the company that shipped it.

VIDEO | Romanian authorities seize more than 1,000 tons of illegal waste


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