Romanian comedy ‘Teambuilding’ breaks records with one million  box office sales

Romanian comedy Teambuilding has broken records with one million box office sales,  film director Tudor Giurgiu says.

Tudor, the chairman of the Transylvania International Film Festival, called it “a historic moment, that after almost 30 years of (post-communist) film-making,  one million tickets were sold.”

It’s described as “a frothy comedy about life in the corporation, about the challenges of building a career and …. consolidating and motivating a team. “

The film is a satire of corporate life “reveals the events of a team building in which the robotic corporativism unleash themselves and show their human side.”

“It’s great we have commercially successful movies. Romanian movies are already appreciated and sold internationally,” Tudor said.

“Romania is the only country is the region where local produced films aren’t in the top ten at the end of the year,” he added.

„Teambuilding”, broke box office and Netflix records in December and has had mixed reviews. Some people praised the mass appeal and satire, while others said it was cliched and overdone,

Directed by Matei Dima, Cosmin Nedelcu and Alex Coteţ, it  grossed  23.5 million lei (about 4.8 million euros) at the box office since its September 2022 launch. It has more than 999,000 ticket sales.


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