Romanian foreign minister says diplomats won’t be evacuated from Ukraine

Sursa: Pixabay

Romania’s Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu says there are no plans to evacuate diplomats from the country’s embassy and diplomatic missions in Ukraine.

„The situation isn’t at a point where the diplomatic staff need to be evacuated,” from Kyiv, he said Friday amid rising tensions about a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine.

However, he added that diplomats’ families could leave voluntarily if they wished.

This week, Britain started withdrawing staff from its embassy in Ukraine, amid growing fears of a Russian invasion.

Officials said there have been no specific threats to British diplomats, but about half of the staff working in Kyiv will return to the UK.

The US has also ordered relatives of its embassy staff to leave, saying an invasion could come „at any time”.

the minister said there had been „a discussion at the European Union level in Brussels,  and none of the members wanted to evacuate their diplomatic corps.

He added: „I gave instructions that to our missions in Ukraine that if there are family members that want to leave, they are free to do so voluntarily.”

“At this moment, the security situation doesn’t warrant an evacuation of diplomatic staff,” he told Digi24.

Apart from its embassy in Kiev, Romania has general consulates in Odessa and Chernivtsi (known as Cernauti in Romanian) and a consul in  Solotvyno which is on the border with Romania.

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