Romanian man detained after torching neighbor who died from injuries

Foto: Unsplash

Police have detained a Romanian man who is charged with pouring gasoline over his neighbor and then setting her alight. The woman later from her injuries.

The 22-year-old was initially taken into custody for attempted murder on Tuesday. The  charges will likely change after her death.

The incident happened on Tuesday in the southwestern city of Timisoara.

Eyewitnesses said they saw the woman coming out of the apartment building and screaming that her neighbor had set fire to her. She staggered for about 100 yards and collapsed.

An ambulance took her to the Timisoara County hospital but her injuries were incompatible with life. Doctors said she had burns over 98% of her body.

Neighbors initially said that the woman had ”mental issues” and had set fire to herself, Adevărul reported.

However, a police inquiry revealed that she had been in a dispute with the 22-year-old for several months. Police said the man poured gasoline over her and then set light to her.

Antena 3 reported  that a few  months ago, the man had hit her over the head with a hammer and had been questioned by police.

Adevarul reported that during police questioning, the man had apparently admitted setting light to the woman.

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