Romanian motorist who ran over man and placed his body in bed to give impression he died in his sleep, detained by police

The best way to die is to pass peacefully in your sleep, they say.

A 21-year-old Romanian who ran over a man and seriously injured him tried to fake this scenario and is now being investigated for manslaughter, authorities said.

The motorist apparently ran over the man in the northeastern county of Suceava on January 5.  

Police say the motorist then bundled the badly injured man into his car and took him to his home and laid him on his bed, apparently to create the impression that the man, who later died, had passed away his sleep.

The 50-year-old who lived alone in a village, was found dead in his bed two days later by neighbors,  Ziar de Suceava reported.

An autopsy was carried out that established that the man hadn’t died of natural causes, but from injuries he sustained in a car accident.

The motorist identified only as Marcel R, 50, from the village of Ostra, has been detained and is under preventive arrest,  Ziar de Suceava reported.

The inquiry indicated the man was hit by a car, and then pointed to the driver, who knew where he lived, taking him home and putting him in his bed to suggest that he had died of natural causes.


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