Romanian soldier dies after being crushed by tank during a training exercise

Foto: MApN

A Romanian soldier has died after being crushed by a tank during military training exercises in east Romania.

The 35-year-old from the 284 Cuza Voda Battalion got trapped between a tank and another military vehicle while taking part at the exercises at the  Smardan shooting range.

„Unfortunately, a routine training activity turned into a tragedy,” said Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca.

Sebastian Şerban was coordinating tank maneuvers at about 11.30 Friday morning  when the accident occurred.

„We mourn with the soldier’s family…. A young man lost his life in the line of duty. I send my condolences to the grieving family. May he rest in Peace!” the prime minister said in a message posted on the government’s Facebook page.

The defense ministry said he got caught between a moving tank and another piece of equipment. Emergency services arrived and doctors tried to resuscitate him but his injuries were “incompatible with life.”

Military prosecutors are investigating the incident.  The soldier was married and had been in the military since 2008.

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