Romania’s U2 nuclear reactor reconnected to power grid

Sursa: Wikipedia

Romania’s second nuclear reactor at the Cernavoda power plant on the river Danube was reconnected to the national power grid on Saturday after being offline since Thursday, its owner Nuclearelectrica said.

It said in a statement the halt was triggered by a “electricity related” matter.

Nuclearelectrica, which has two 706 megawatt reactors at Cernavoda, said the glitch and consequent works to fix the software had not implied any risk to the nuclear safety of the reactor.

„The automatic deconnection and the repair works had no impact on the nuclear security of the reactor, the unit’s staff, the population and the surrounding environment, which took place in conformity, “ Nuclearelectrica.

Electricity imports reached a historic high on Thursday after the second reactor was deconnected.

Romania imported 2,600 de MW on Thursday, Transelectrica said.

Romania postpones shutdown of nuclear reactor due to icy spell. Energy minister says without the plant, Romania would need to import electricity



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