Russian gas giant Gazprom threatens to cut supplies to Moldova

Russian gas giant Gazprom has threatened to cut supplies to Moldova within 48 hours, increasing pressure on the former Soviet republic which is in the middle of a natural gas crisis.

„The deadline for payment is November 22. Today Gazprom, in accordance with the terms of the contract, informed the Moldovan side that gas deliveries to Moldova will be interrupted within 48 hours,” company spokesperson Sergei Kuprianov said on Russian TV station NTV.

„Gazprom is deeply disappointed that Moldova has not fulfilled its contractual commitments,” he added.

Moldova and Gazprom signed a contract at the end of October after several weeks of negotiations.

The Gazprom spokesman said Monday that the Russian supplier ad agreed to sign the contract on condition that Moldova paid its invoices on time.

Moldova,  which is located between Romania and Ukraine, gets is gas from Russia via the pro-Russian separatist region of Trans-Dniester and Ukraine.

In October, Gazprom hiked the prices when the contract was extended for one month. The Moldovan government called it „unjustified and unrealistic”.

Moldovan authorities declared a state of emergency to allowed it to purchase gas from Poland.

Commentators say the measures are a retaliation for the 2020 election of pro-European President Maia Sandu, Euronews reported.

Moscow accused Chisinau of arrears and threatened to suspend supplies if a new contract was not signed.

The Kremlin denied it was putting political pressure on the country. The shortages come amid soaring gas prices in Europe. Some countries have blamed it on Russia.

EU says Russia ‘weaponizing’ gas against Moldova



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