Squat and ride. Romanian city offers residents free bus ride for 20 squats

Squats Cluj, public transport, Sports Festival
Squats Cluj, public transport, Sports Festival

The Romanian city of Cluj is offering a free bus ticket in exchange for 20 squats in a bid to get residents fit and moving.

Passengers need to take the challenge at the Memorandumului Sud bus station. If they complete the workout they get a free single trip on the city’s public transport network for seven days.

Some14,500 health tickets have been issued during the initial two weeks of the pilot, exceeding initial calculations, organizers said.

By the end of the promotion, residents of Romania’s second biggest city had completed more than one million squats.

The initiative is organized by Sports Festival, the largest multi-sport event in Romania.

“The Health Ticket is back!”  organizers announced on Facebook.

“From today you can get a bus ticket again in exchange for 20 squats. We are waiting for you to move in Memo Sud station, between 08.00-20.00.”

„We believe it is absolutely necessary to give sport more attention and a central place in our lives,” the message read.

“ Sport can be the basis for prevention and education, the public can be directed to healthy behaviours in the long run,” said Mirel Alexa, Sports Festival director.

It is the second series of the squats-for-tickets scheme. It was first launched last year and proved so successful that it ran for the rest of the year.

It is supported by private partners NTT DATA Romania, AROBS and Terapia, who agreed to cover the cost of tickets.

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