VIDEO | Romanian authorities return 1,060 tons of waste found on barges to Bulgaria

Sursa: Poliţia de Frontieră

Romanian border police have impounded more than 1,000 tons of waste they found on two barges that arrived from Bulgaria.


The waste was due to be shipped to a company in Bucharest, Romanian border police said on Wednesday.

The Constanţa Environmental Guard stopped the waste on Tuesday and returned it to the sender in Bulgaria.

It arrived in the Murfatlar Port, a river port on the Danube-Black Sea Canal, west of the city of Constanta.

It is the latest load of illegal waste to be shipped to Romanian ports in recent weeks.

Romanian Coast Guard

The Romanian Coast Guard and the Constanta Environmental Guard said they went to Murfatlar Port where they checked goods that were being transported by the two self-propelled barges, sailing under the Romanian flag.

The barges declared they were carrying 1,060 tons of scrap metal from Bulgaria, which was to be unloaded in the port of Constanta. It was then due to be shipped to an import company in Bucharest.


In total, more than 3,600 tons of waste have been shipped to Romania this year. Police have identified 64 cases of illegal waste dumping from United Arab Emirates, Germany, Greece or Norway.

Most however has entered Romania though its in ports in the county of Constanţa.

The port of Murfatlar is one of the largest Romanian river ports, located in the city of Murfatlar on the Danube-Black Sea Canal. It handles an estimated 700,000 tons of cargo a year.



„The documents were checked and found to be incorrectly filled out. They said the barges were carrying scrap metal,” a statement said.

Physical checks were carried out physically…. and in addition to the types of waste listed in the documents, (they were also carrying) plastic waste, cardboard packaging, rubber, electronic  waste, internal combustion engines containing lubricants and oils, used oil filters, car batteries, car parts with rubber components „, a statement said.

Non-compliant waste

Romanian border police said they have discovered 23 cases of non-compliant waste this year in Constanta.

Most of it_ 1,900 tons was shipped to the ports of Constanţa, 1,000 tons to Murfatalar port and another 145 tons to Vama Veche and Negru Vodă.

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