VIDEO | Sixteen people hospitalized after series of pile-ups on Black Sea highway. Mist, bad driving blamed

Some 16 people were taken to hospital Friday after a series of pile-ups  on a highway that goes to the Black Sea coast. Dozens of cars were involved in the crashes and police shut the road for several hours.

Police said seven children were among those who needed hospital treatment after cars smashed into each other in four separate places. Early morning mist in the area was a factor, authorities said.

The crashes occurred along a 11-kilometrer stretch of the Highway to the Sun highway in the Dobrogea region on the way to Constanta.

A total of 55 cars and 155 people were involved in the pileups, Raed Arafat, head of the emergency services said.


One person was taken to hospital by helicopter. The rest were transported in ambulances, authorities, said. There was no word on how serious the injuries were.

Separately, 41 people received medical treatment on the spot.

Police said poor visibility and bad driving caused the accidents.

The busy road which links Bucharest to Constanta was closed for three hours in the aftermath of the crashes.

Thousands of people use the highway at the weekend for vacations or weekend breaks at the Black Sea.

Police are investigating whether negligent driving led to the crashes, G4Media reported. 


Romania had more traffic deaths in 2020 than any other country in EU


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