Austrian walks 1,300 kilometers to Romania to raise money for stray dogs in Transylvanian shelter

When Sandor Buz visited a animal shelter for stray dogs in Romania’s Transylvanian region last year, he fell in love with a dog there.

The Austrian roof tiler adopted Gyango from the Robin Hood shelter and took him to his home in the picturesque town of Hostetten, Lower Austria. But his involvement with the shelter in Reghin, northwest Romania, didn’t stop there.

Robin Hood

He was so impressed with the work done by the people at Robin Hood who run two animal shelters that he wanted to raise money and draw attention to the plight of the dogs.

The shelters require refurbishment and a quarantine facility for the animals and the enclosures also are in need of repair..

Sandor Buz, who originally comes from the Transylvanian region, also wanted to raise awareness about the plight of stray dogs.


So in early April he set out on an eight-week journey from his home in Austria to the shelter, a 1,300 trek through Austria, Hungary and then Romania.

Together with Gyango , he’s hiked through mountains, forests and cities in snow, rain and now, spring sunshine.

Mostly he’s been living on what people give him. He’s also been sleeping rough for most of the journey_ to live like a stray.

The pair of them are doing the hike in 20 to 30-kilometer stages, according to walking4ranimals. The trip will take an estimated eight weeks.

You can follow his trip here and donate to the cause.

Mother Teresa

There are currently about 300 dogs living in the animal shelters which is supported by the Robin Hood animal welfare charity.

It was founded 15 years ago by Lidia Maier, 86, who the locals call „the Mother Teresa of stray dogs.”

Sandor and Gyando arrived in Budapest on Friday and the next leg of their journey will take them across eastern Hungary and into Romania.


The long walk has given him time for reflection.

„We humans are so focused and led by (what happens) outside, that we often forget what is happening around us,” he said

. „With “walking4animals” I want to ….. show that there are also creatures,who don’t get as much attention as they would deserve.”


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