Bitdefender: New scam targets customers of six well-known banks in Romania

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Hackers are sending emails pretending to be from banks such as Banca Transilvania, BCR, CEC Bank, ING, Raiffeisen Bank and UniCredit Bank to try and persuade clients to click on links or download dangerous files, Bitdefender said.

The messages are plausible and urge customers to update their personal data, download account statements, confirm transactions, unlock a temporarily suspended account or reactivate online card payments.

However, if they do this, they risk having their accounts emptied, the IT security company said on Wednesday. There were no details given how widespread the scam is and how many people have lost money.

However, Bitdefender warned bank customers what to look out for. Some messages direct the people they target to links that lead to a fraudulent page where they should access their account details.

Basically, the victims voluntarily provide their login information to the hackers who can then make transfers from bank accounts until they are emptied.

The second method is to attach files in various e-mails, which if accessed, become infected with computer threats that allow criminals to track all data traffic on the device, including password details and having unrestricted access to all online accounts of the victim.

To make the scam look credible, the hackers use the bank logos and colors, and the messages are written concisely and legibly, without grammatical errors, which is usual in these kind of scams.

Bitdefender said that in 2020, its IT security specialists identified similar fraudulent e-mail campaigns purporting to be from the Romanian postal service, BCR, Banca Transilvania, DHL, Balcan Express Courier who installed spyware threats on the infected computer or tried to steal card data.

Bitdefender recommends that users go directly to the company’s website to log on and avoid logging in from an email or a message where they’re not sure about the sender.

The company recommends check the sender’s email address before accessing links or downloading attached documents.

It also recommends that people use “a high-performance security solution that can detect computer threats and block their installation on devices.”

It says work computers should only for professional purposes and not for applications of personal interest.  

Bitdefender is a recognized leader in IT security, providing superior solutions for preventing, detecting and responding to cyber security incidents.


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