Census 2021: Romania counts for 19.05 million people, as demographic aging deepens

Romania has a resident population of 19.05 million people according to a census taken last year.

More than half– 9.8 million are female according to provisional data from the 2021 Population and Housing Census,  the National Institute of Statistics said.

Some 9.941 million people—or 52.2 percent– live in towns and cities.

The demographic aging process has become more accentuated, compared to the last census a decade ago.

The share of over 65s increased by almost half a million people. Retirees are now 19.6 percent of the population compared to 16.1 percent in the 2011 census.

The number of people under 15 years decreased by 115,700, while their share of the population edged up to 16.1 percent of the total.

Overall, the population is 1.1 million less. All Romania’s 42 counties saw a decrease in their population apart from Ilfov on the outskirts of Bucharest which gained 153,900 people.

Two other counties– Bistrita-Nasaud and Suceava also saw small gains.

Bucharest saw its population drop by about 166,000.


Some 16.5 million people declared an ethnic identity. Of those, 14.8 million people or 89.3 percent declared themselves Romanian, while 1.002 million people or six percent registered as Hungarian. Some  569,500 people or 3.4 percent declared themselves Roma.

Some 91.6 percent of the 16.55 million people who declared their mother tongue said Romanian was their first language, and  6.3 percent said Hungarian was their first language.


A total of 16.4 million people declared their religious affiliation: Somet 85.3 percent said they were Christian Orthodox, 4.5 percent declared themselves Roman Catholic;  3 percent said they belonged to the Reformed Church and 2.5 percent were Pentecostal.

Just under one percent  said they had  „no religion” or were atheists or agnostics.

Romanian census deadline extended until end of month


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