Coronavirus: Romanians who cleared supermarket shelves now want refund on groceries after panic passes

Coronavirus, Carrefour

Coronavirus panic sparked a run on Romanian supermarkets last week.

Shoppers rushed to supermarkets and hypermarkets and stockpiled groceries: water, oil, flour, sugar, maize and toilet paper in anticipation of a pandemic.

Now, it appears some are having second thoughts.

Europa FM reported on Monday that people are sheepishly going back to supermarkets and trying to return some of the non-perishable goods they bought in haste.

 “One person tried to return 14 kilograms of beans to Auchan ( a supermarket),” a presenter on the Desteptarea show said. “(The shop) didn’t take it back.”

Supermarket managers have a new dilemma: what stock to buy next to anticipate future demand, the radio station said.

“At Mega Image in Vitan.. there are photos on Facebook as shoppers weave past ….. mountains of flour and oil.”

“The panic is gone, there isn’t coronavirus, (people) aren’t buying and they want to return what they bought,” another presenter said.

Corpnavirus, Selgros

Romania has three confirmed cases of coronavirus. Two people caught the disease after returning from Italy and another person contracted it after he came in contact with an Italian man who later tested positive.

Journalists Vlad Petreanu, George Zafiu and Luca Pastia host Europa FM’s Desteptarea show.


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