Drop in coronavirus cases as testing lags over holiday; record number of Covid-19 patients in ICU

Inquam Photos / Virgil Simonescu

Romania reported 4,272 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday, a steep drop in cases which also reflected testing lags over a two-day holiday.

The Strategic Communication Group said there were about 14,600 tests, meaning that just short of a third had positive results. Although the rate is alarmingly high, it’s lower than Monday when it was 39%.

Apart from Monday, when there were 3,826 new infections, Tuesday’s cases was the lowest single-day count since Nov. 23.

However, the moderately good news was offset by a record 1,252 patients needing intensive care treatment.

Deaths of Covid-19 patients rose by 199 in the past 24 hours, of which 130 were men and 69 women. It was the second highest death count of Covid-19 patients in 24 hours since the pandemic began.

Two deaths were patients in their 30s, 13 were in their 40s. 14 in their 50s and 51deaths were patient s in their 60s.

Twenty-one did not have any reported underlying health conditions such as cancer, diabetes,  heart disease or obesity.

Bucharest reported 808 cases, more than anywhere else and the Black Sea Constanta region posted 312 cases. Ilfov county which lies next to the capital had 284 new cases.

Many regions in Romania are currently in quarantine after authorities imposed restrictions on people’s movements where there are outbreaks to reduce the number of new infecions.

Cases have begun to fall since Nov. 20 athough the number of deaths and patients in intensive care remain high.

This is because the virus is a drawn-out disease with patients suddenly seeing their condition deteriorate more than a week after the first symptoms appear and when they thought they were getting better. Patients can spend weeks or even more in intensive care.


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