Half-built 21 million-euro landfill in southern Romania poses environmental risks

Foto: Presshub.ro

A 21-million euro  landfill in southern Romania poses serious environmental risks due to ongoing management issues of the site which has not been completed, media reported.

The landfill which is financed by the European Union is managed by Teleorman County Council and is already too full, PressHub.ro reported.

In 2003, the county council submitted the project to build an ecological landfill and applied to the EU for funding which was granted.

The landfill is located in the village of Mavrodin, north of the county town of Alexandria, was designated as a hub for the all the county’s waste.

 Two years ago, the Teleorman Environment Agency reported that it was already 90% full although it had only been half built, straining the outer membrane of the landfill.

If the garbage in the fill seeped into the surrounding earth it could create “a real environmental disaster in the south of the county,” Presshub.ro reported.

High levels of methane gas and CO2 are generated by the rotting rubbish in the ground. Toxic substances end up in landfills, which leech into the earth and groundwater over time. This creates a huge environmental hazard.

Substances include: arsenic, mercury, PVC, acids, lead, and home cleaning chemicals.

Despite the warnings, the work didn’t progress.

The EU funding was designated for the landfill to act as “an integrated management system at the level of Teleorman county.”

Currently, while the first part of the landfill is full, the construction of the remaining part is two years overdue, local officials said.

County authorities said that this summer the second part will be ready, later than the earlier deadline of December 2020. They say that the first part is already overflowing increasing the risk of environmental problems.

A landfill normally has a bottom liner system which separates trash and subsequent leachate from groundwater. It has cells where trash is stored within the landfill and a storm water drainage system which collects rain water that falls on the landfill.

There is a leachate collection system  which collects water that has percolated through the landfill itself and contains contaminating substances  and a methane collection system which collects methane gas that is formed during the breakdown of trash

A covering seals off the top of the landfill


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