In Romania, Covid-19 deaths top 200- a record high

Foto: INQUAM/Virgil Simionescu

Romania reported a record high 203 coronavirus-related deaths on Wednesday, the first time the single-day death tally has gone over 200.

There were almost 1,100 patients in intensive care, the Strategic Communication Group said in its daily report, about the same number as the previous day.

Overall, there were 9,799 new SARS-CoV-2 cases following 39,000 tests. About one-quarter of tests were positive, a similar rate to previous days.

The death tally was the highest after Tuesday when 177 patients died.

Romanian authorities imposed new restrictions this week following a spike in cases to try and get the numbers down and slow the spread of the virus.

The government has imposed a night curfew from  11pm to 5am with some exceptions, for work or medical reasons, and shops and restaurants with outside seating have to close at 9pm. Schools have closed nationwide and pupils have switched to distance learning.

Wednesday’s death tally of 116 men and 87 women, saw one patient in their 20s, three in their 30s, five in their 40s and 31 in their 50s succumb to the virus. The rest were older than 60. Seven patients didn’t have any underlying health conditions such as diabetes or cancer.

Bucharest posted almost 950 new cases and the northwest Cluj region added 707 cases, a record high

Almost 12,700 hospital beds are occupied by Covid-19 patients. A further 42,769 patients are self-isolating at home and 12,800 are in institutionalized isolation.


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