Israeli FM condemns Russia’s ‘unjustified’ invasion of Ukraine during Romania visit

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid and Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu

Israel’s foreign minister on Sunday condemned Russia’s  ‘unjustified’ invasion in a tour of Ukraine’s neighbors.

Yair Lapid said that there was “no justification” for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as he met with Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca in Bucharest to discuss the crisis.

The foreign minister tweeted that “like Romania, Israel condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

“It’s without justification, and we call on Russia to stop its firing and attacks, and to resolve this conflict around the negotiating table,” he wrote.

He said Israel has a ‘moral duty’ to take in more refugees at a visit to the Romania-Ukraine border. More than 2 million have fled Ukraine since the invasion, the United Nations said.

The Israeli foreign minister also met his counterpart  Bogdan Aurescu. They made a joint appeal to Russia to stop the attacks and the airstrikes and to solve the issue diplomatically.

Mr Lapid is set to hold talks with Ukraine’s neighbors  on  the humanitarian crisis after more than 2 million refugees fled Ukraine.

“Israel will do all it can to help reach a peaceful solution,” Lapid said. “We are working in complete coordination with our ally, the United States, and with our European partners in order to try and end this violent tragedy as quickly as possible.”

His office said in a statement that the meeting with Ciuca dealt with the situation in Ukraine and its impact on Romania.

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