Low water levels make Danube river unnavigable

Sursa: Pexels

Some 64 ships have been forced to wait for dredgers in the Danube port of Zimnicea due to record low water levels making the river unnavigable. In some areas, the water is only one and a half meters deep.

Navigation on the Danube has been restricted for two weeks. Only vessels with a maximum immersion depth of 1,4m can pass through the Zimnicea area safely. Larger vessels have to anchor down and wait.

The Danube’s landscape changed dramatically after water levels dropped due to the drought, revealing islands along the river’s course. In several areas, one could cross the river on foot from Romania to Bulgaria, according to Digi24.

This year’s drought has hit rivers hard. The water flow at Zimnicea reached 1,830 cubic meters per second, while the annual average for the month of August is 4,300 cubic meters per second.


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