Project Ark. New innovative digital art platform aims to help Romanian bison

The European bison which has recently been resettled in Romania by conservation groups is about to get a helping hand from an unlikely quarter.

Panda Labs

Tech startup CarbonBase and WWF’s Panda Labs have announced the unveiling on Thursday of a new platform for unique digital art collectibles called Project Ark.

Digital art collectibles minted as Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs  will be released to mark the platform’s launch.

The use of NFTs launches a new mechanism that seeks to revolutionize the fundraising process for conservation efforts by allowing collectors to receive unique collectibles.

European bison

Funds raised will help secure the natural habitat for the European bison.  Once extinct in the wild, the bison now roam free in Romania’s Carpathian Mountains  for the first time in 200 years.

To ensure that these animals thrive, WWF-Romania is training community conservationists, and aims to turn would-be poachers into stewards of the environment.

It’s the first time that collecting crypto assets will directly support WWF conservation projects, and will generate continued revenue, as well as offer a direct form of fundraising, a press release said.

Project Ark

“I see Project Ark as a transparent pipeline for motivation and impact to flow faster and with fewer intermediaries,” said Oana Mondoc, Community and Innovation Specialist for WWF Romania in a press release.   

NFTs, or non fungible tokens, are unique digital assets. The smart contracts will be designed so that every time the collectible is traded or resold, a portion of the proceeds will go to WWF and the original artist.

The selection of 24 types of digital collectibles includes audio-visual artworks by digital artists including Jake Goble and Fred Erikson from Allauras, as well as Matthew Michaud, Brian Odyssey, Arturo Hernandez and others. 

Non fungible tokens

The only briefing they were given was to take inspiration from the sounds and sights of the Carpathians.

“For this NFT campaign, Project Ark is producing four tiers of NFTs in the form of “digital eggs” that celebrate the rich tradition of Romanian artistic heritage,” said Jake Goble, Creative Director | Producer at RAD ANIMAL.

Digital collectibles

“ Once the total fundraising goal is complete, the eggs will ‘open’ to reveal bespoke digital collectibles, also designed by talented digital artists, including 3D models of animals, as well as dynamic audio-visual artwork.”

The release noted there was a paradigm shift in the art world and digital assets. “On March 11, a collection of 5000 digital drawings by visual artist Beeple sold through a Christie’s auction for $69.3 million,” it said.


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