Romania ready to take in  hundreds of thousands of refugees from Ukraine in case of Russia invasion

Romania is ready to take in at least half a million refugees from Ukraine if a war breaks out in neighboring Ukraine with Russia, the defense minister said Tuesday.

Romania shares a border of more than 600 kilometers of with Ukraine.

“There are lots of estimates, but we can receive over 500,000 refugees. This is  the figure we’ve prepared for. There are a lot of points they can cross. There’s a plan in every big town, and there are areas near the borders,” Defense Minister Vasile Dincu said in Parliament.

„There is the possibility of armed conflict, but we are hoping the diplomats and not the military will speak,” he said.

Earlier Tuesday, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca said Romania is expecting “a fairly large number” of refugees from Ukraine in the case of an invasion.

The prime minister said the government is ready to offer shelter to refugees and Romanian nationals who want to repatriate.

The country’s foreign ministry issued an updated alert for travels in Ukraine on Sunday and upgraded it Monday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Monday that Russia recognzsed the separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, triggering the maximum security alert in Romania.

“Leave the country immediately!” it said.

There are concerns that Russia’s recognition of the two rebel regions could be a pretext for an invasion.

The foreign ministry said the embassy and its consular office would offer protection and assistance to Romanians.

Romania, Moldova condemn Putin’s  recognition of Ukraine rebel regions’ independence


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