Romanian president calls for defense spending to be hiked to 2.5% of GDP after ‘brutal attack’ on Ukraine

Romania’s president on Tuesday condemned Russia’s” brutal attack” on Ukraine and said the country must hike defense spending and wean itself off Russian gas.

“This is a brutal attack by Russia on a sovereign and independent state and we can’t accept for the map of Europe to be redrawn by violence,” Klaus Iohannis said after a meeting of the country’s top defense council.

“One thing is certain. Whatever the outcome of this military action is, there is already a winner: the Ukrainian people. They have become a symbol for freedom, and resistance against an invader. The heroism and courage of Ukrainians inspires and obliges us.”

In the wake of the invasion, Romania should drive up defense spending to 2.5% of the gross domestic product, he said.

In 2006, NATO defense ministers agreed to commit so spend 2% of their GDP on defense to  ensure the Alliance’s military readiness. Romania is one of the Alliance members that complied and spends that amount.

The president also said Romania needed to aim for  energy independence through nuclear and renewable energy sources.

Romania has its own natural gas but still is dependent on Russian gas to cover demand. .

Romania has won praise for its commitment to defense spending.

“Romanians have never questioned (the 2%)  even before the aggression of Russia,” Eric Stewart, Eric Stewart,  the president of the American-Romanian Business Counci told

“Romanians have always wanted to do their part. They want to do more. That’s why they make such a great partner and ally for the United States. One of the best in the world”.

M&V Schmidt Foundation offers Ukrainian refugees shelter, meals at Transylvanian guesthouses



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