Romanian president congratulates French president Macron on his re-election. ‘Happy to work with you for a powerful, united Europe’

Sursa: Twitter

Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis was one of the first European leaders to congratulate President Emmanuel Macron Sunday on his re-election as European leaders breathed a sigh of relief that the far-right had been prevented taking power in France.

Mr Macron, the 44-year-old centrist, won with a 58.2% share of the vote – beating Marine Le Pen, 53, on 41.8%, according to exit polls.

„My warm congratulations, dear President Emmanuel Macron for your re-election. Happy to keep working with you for the strategic partnership, for the constructions of a powerful and united Europe and a strengthened cooperation on NATO’s eastern flank,” the Romanian leader tweeted.

Shortly after the poll was released, Ms Le Pen conceded defeat in an address to her supporters.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen tweeted in French, ‘together we will make France and Europe advance.’

The Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte tweeted his hope to ‘continue our extensive and constructive cooperation in EU and NATO.’

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was also among the first to congratulate Emmanuel Macron on his re-election saying he will ‘continue to work together with France.’

Mr Johnson tweeted: ‘Congratulations to Emmanuel Macron on your re-election as President of France.”

Many in Europe had worried Le Pen would undermine European unity and its post-war order.

Romania historically traditionally enjoys close relations with France.

In March, France deployed troops to bolster NATO’s eastern flank in Romania after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

French soldiers arrive in Romania to bolster NATO defenses after Russian invasion of Ukraine



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