Save Romania Party votes to reconfirm current chairman, despite poor showing in presidential election

Inquam Photos / George Calin

The centrist Save Romania Union (USR) has voted in favor of keeping Dan Barna as its party leader, 10 days after he disappointed voters by not making the runoff of Romania’s presidential election.

Barna won about 75% of the vote from party members after five days of voting, the party said Wednesday.

„Members are telling us we have to go on,” Barna said after the result. “I interpret this decision as saying we should come together. I thank my colleagues for this result, which obliges me and obliges us to become stronger.”

Members called for the vote after Barna came in third in the Nov. 10 vote scoring 15%, which disappointed members who thought he would finish second.

There were calls for him to be removed as party chief.

The party says it will support President Klaus Iohannis who is supported by the center-right Liberal Party in the Nov. 24 runoff, as the parties share common political visions.

Barna, 44, a former lawyer, said the party would support the Liberal minority government of Ludovic Orban, but the offer wouldn’t be “a blank check” or unconditional support.

Barna was first elected chairman of the party in Oct. 2017 and was re-elected in September.


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