Strike disrupts public transport in Romanian capital for a fifth day. Transport chief vows not to be held ‘hostage’ by strikers

Foto: INQUAM/Octav Ganea

Bucharest traffic was snarled by a public transport strike that went into its fifth day on Monday.

The public transport manager said he was looking to recruit  ‘thousands’ of new drivers to make up shortfalls. He vowed not to surrender to the union leader who he accused of  “manipulating” employees.

One-fifth of buses and trams were running Monday which is a national holiday.

The subway was the only public transport network operating. It hasn’t taken part in the walkout which began on Thursday.

Hundreds of strikers of the city’s public transportation system gathered outside the bus depot in Bucharest. A court last week ruled that the strike was illegal, but it has continued.

Strikers are demanding higher wages, better work conditions and the resignation of the general manager Adrian Crit, reported.

” We can’t allow ourselves to be held hostage by some employees who are being manipulated by the union leader,” the manager said.

he appealed to strikers to return to work, saying their action was creating problems for commuters and the company.

Bucharest Mayor Nicuşor Dan accused union leader Vasile Petrariu of “irresponsibility and arrogance.”

The union leader, who is a city hall councilor and member of the Social Democratic Party on Monday said he was resigning from the party and his post after claims that the strike was politically orchestrated against the mayor.

Public transport strike in Romanian capital enters fourth day



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