German judicial officials carry out searches in Romania in connection with 80 million euro drug haul

Inquam Photos / Octav Ganea

German judicial authorities have carried out searches at four addresses in Romania in connection with a major drugs haul more than a year ago.

They searched the homes of four suspects and took away digital data and other electronic devices in connection with the investigation which began before the drugs were seized at the end of August last year, reported.

The four are suspected of organizing the transport of 1.5 tons of hashish and 751 kilograms of captagon– the amphetamine drug used by Jihadi fighters in conflicts like Syria’s  to enhance their fighting abilities.

The drugs which  were found on a shop coming from Syria were seized by the Department to Fight Organized Crime and Anti-Drug Service.

Gang members are believed to have operated in Romania, Germany and other countries, a press statement on Friday said.

Germany and Romania have been cooperating in the case since the seizure, one of the biggest ever in the East European country.

The market value of the drugs is estimated at 80 million euros.

The ship, left the Mediterranean port of Latakia in Syria and reached Romania after transiting Turkey.

The operation was carried out in cooperation with the US Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA.

Amphetamine drugs like captagon stimulated the central nervous system, increasing alertness, concentration and physical well-being and giving the user a feeling of power .  It is considered highly suitable for combatants who want to free themselves from fear.

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