Romania adds Bulgaria to its Covid-19 red travel list

Mechka, Bulgaria, September 5, 2021.
Mechka, Bulgaria, September 5, 2021.

Bulgaria will be on Romania’s  red travel list starting Sunday after a rise on Covid-19 cases, authorities said.

Bulgaria, which lies south of Romania., is one of the most popular destinations for Romanian travelers. Bulgarian resorts and hotels rely on Romanian tourists.

Even though the summer season is officially over, tourists still visit the country, which has mountains and a longer season for beach holidays due to its warmer climate.

Less than 30% of Romanians are vaccinated making it complicated to travel. Visitors need to get a jab or take a test, which can be relatively expensive.

The National Committee for Emergency Situations adopted the new classification for travelers on Thursday. It comes into effect on Sunday at midnight.

People traveling from countries on the green list can enter Romania without any restrictions, such as quarantine.

Arrivals from yellow and red list countries are spared quarantine if they are vaccinated.

Here are some of the latest changes:

Portugal, Iceland and Monaco have entered the yellow list after a drop in cases meant they no longer qualified for the red list.

But a rise in cases means that Germany and Croatia are no longer in the green list and are now in the yellow category of countries.

Good news for travelers from United Arab Emirates, Gibraltar and Honduras who are on the green list starting Sunday.

Britain, France, Spain and Serbia remain on the red list.

Romania adds US, Turkey to Covid-19 red travel list



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