Romania suspends some projects with Moldova until it returns to “European path”

 Romanian President Klaus Iohannis says the country will suspend some joint projects with Moldova until the country returns to the „European track” and embarks on justice reforms and fighting corruption.

 Iohannis on Thursday said his office was “not convinced” that the current government in Chisinau is on what he called “the European track,” calling it “the only and the safest path towards a deep and thorough reformation of its institutions.”

“Unfortunately… we are not convinced that the current government in Chisinau is pursuing this objective “ he said in his annual address to the diplomatic corps in Bucharest. “We shall seek to continue only projects that directly target the citizens” of Moldova

Iohannis didn’t specify which projects would be halted or suspended.

“We shall resume our full-fledged cooperation only when the government in Chisinau takes concrete action geared towards continuing … Moldova’s European path, its reform process, especially in fields such as justice, administration and fighting corruption,” he added.

Moldova signed an association agreement with the European Union in 2014, angering Russia, but in recent months has backtracked on reforms.

Last summer, an alliance between the pro-Western ACUM bloc and the pro-Russian Socialists took power, removing the previous government led by the Democratic Party of fugitive oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc.

The alliance broke up in November following a dispute over the appointment of a new top prosecutor. The pro-Russian Socialists supported by President Igor Dodon are now in power, with the support of the Democratic Party.


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