Romania’s thousands of teen mothers, ‘harsh and sad’ reality-minister

The number of teenage mothers remains among the highest in Europe and is of Romania’s “harshest and saddest” realities, the minister for family affairs says.

Gabriela Firea said that 16,500 teenagers and  women under 20 gave birth last year of which almost 700 were younger than 15.

Teenage mothers

Romania ranks second in the European Union after Bulgaria, for the birth rate among teenage mothers, according to a study conducted by UNICEF.

The official statistics are startling” Ms Firea said. “Their lives have taken a completely different path, and many of them have had to drop out of school.”

Romania has one of the highest rates of teenage mothers. “This is not only shameful and unacceptable, but also painful!” she said.

School dropout

Ms Firea said she was working with public institutions and non-governmental organizations to find solutions to prevent teenage pregnancies, infant abandonment and school dropout.

Romania has 55 centers for teenage mothers across Romania for girls who found they were pregnant and couldn’t cope with the situation. Last year, 826 adolescent girls and mothers benefited from their services.

The centers help mothers with babies who are in vulnerable situations either due to  poverty, domestic violence, or a general lack of support – by offering shelter and help for the women and their  children.


“We have to stand by these women. Some of them are still teenagers and, out of desperation, rejected by the family or the community, they would probably abandon their children,” she said.

„In this way, they have a roof over their heads and their everyday needs are met. They  have the opportunity, with the help of specialists, to make a life plan, to learn to take care of a baby, and to stand on their own feet.”

“it is not a guarantee, but with these people by their side and our efforts, we are giving them the chance to gradually integrate into society and find the way to keep their heads above water with their children.”


However, more work needs to be done with prevention.

“Teenage girls need to know what it means to become a mother far too quickly and how it changes your life. We have already announced that we will start a pilot program for young women who are in the care of the state, for example. With the help of specialists, we will organize health education courses so that these girls receive  information.”

“ You know very well that I really want to increase the birth rate in Romania and I have initiated projects in this regard, but the birth rate must grow in a healthy way and we must have mothers who can raise the babies who come into the world”, she said.

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